Fieldfisher Capital

A multi-disciplinary advisory and structuring firm servicing Financial Institutions, Corporates, Sovereigns and Institutional Investors operating in Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia. 

Superior Structuring, Exceptional Delivery.

About Us

Legal structuring and commercial/ financial solutions are interdependent. While the legal team seeks to accurately implement the commercial or financial terms, and it is therefore critical for them to thoroughly understand the details and nuances of such a solution, the solution itself relies on what might be possible from a legal standpoint. This feedback loop is critical.

The legal and the advisory consultants, working as a single team, makes this entire process extremely efficient both in terms of the quality of the advice but also the turn around time. The Partners on the legal firm side are typically exposed to a wide variety of counterparties and transactions structured to address diverse set of problems. This experience is valuable while structuring solutions.

One single team of legal, industry and financial experts enhances the ability to deliver holistic offering. The project management becomes exceedingly efficient reducing the risk of miscommunication causing disruptions.

We provide the missing piece of the entire puzzle that can make a significant difference

Technology advantage

Four factors contribute to our unparalleled proposition to clients, making a truly unique advisory firm

Extensive Practical Experiences

We are a team of subject matter experts with hands-on experience in key product and functional groups with global financial institutions across our focus geographies.

Product Agnostic Approach

We work as a product agnostic unit leveraging team’s expertise and experience across diverse product groups and risk functions.

Partners in Execution

We not only deliver advice and structure solutions but also partner with clients through the execution and implementation phase.

Law Firm Nexus

We are the only advisory and structuring undertaking with a law firm nexus. This offers significant advantage to our clients as a coordinated legal advice is critical to any commercial solution.


A Wealth of Experience